We Try to Convince Ourselves…

Most of us thought that happiness is linked to our accomplishments. We convinced ourselves that we’ll find contentment in life when we have an ample amount of money or buy those luxury bags, clothes, or cars that we’re longing for. But the truth is that we can create that feeling of happiness and contentment right now, regardless of any circumstances.

Today, Barbara and I will share with you how to come to a place of contentment, in spite of everything that’s going on.

You Need to Choose Contentment

For Barbara, she said she is so blessed because there are so many people hurting and needy. I don’t need to be so anxious, and worried and frustrated and upset. …

Barbara Mock

When the Fog Lifts
When the Fog Lifts

There are some days that I feel like I’m in a fog. The gray rainy days during fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest, added to foggy mornings can make driving a little scary and going outside cold and uncomfortably damp.

When it is foggy you can’t see clearly and apathy and discouragement can set it. I’ve had a number of days like that this past fall. Some times it is hard to roll out of bed, grab a cup of tea and then sit in front of a computer screen on zoom meetings all day with no breaks. …

By Barbara Mock

A different kind of Holiday Season
A different kind of Holiday Season

This Thanksgiving will be very different for our family this year. For the first time in my entire life, I will not be with my large extended family or even with my own children and grandchildren. Our kids made the decision for us following the news that the number of cases in our state and especially in our county have increased exponentially. They said, “It just isn’t safe for us to be together this year.” In fact, the term “skyrocketing” has hit home and has a new meaning. When I look at the graphic that shows our county numbers, the first two waves look like tiny rolling hills. Starting a few weeks ago, our numbers shot straight up, just like a NASA rocket heading for orbit with a completely vertical line. …

Written by Barbara Mock for the Rock your Retirement Show Blog:

Why am I doing this and how did I find Rock Your Retirement?

So you might ask “why this podcast and this journal”? The answer is: I really don’t know!”

I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into but I’m excited to work with Kathe and here’s how it happened.

While I was sitting in my “at home” office because of the COVID-19 epidemic I decided that I wanted to retire. I knew I had an 8 to 9 month timeframe. …

This is Barbara Mock’s First weekly journal entry. She has agreed to come on the show on a monthly basis to tell us what is going on with her retirement journey. She’s also keeping a journal so we can keep up with her in between podcast episodes, and frankly, so she can remember what was happening in her life during the weeks between our visits.

We both hope you enjoy this new format.


Today is the first day of a 12-month project that I’ll be working on with Kathe Kline from Rock Your Retirement. I’m excited about participating, but a little nervous. Kathe indicated that I need to be open, transparent, and vulnerable which I’m willing to do, but sometimes thinking about that ahead of time can be a little intimidating. …

From Barbara Mock’s Journal:

Yesterday for the first time I told our county executive and some of the executive directors that I was going to retire. I was nervous all day. I think contemplating the idea of retirement and then actually telling people you’re going to retire and then putting a date out there, well, it just made it more real.

I was anxious but I decided to go for it. It turned out so much better than I thought it would. Our county executive gave me heartfelt congratulations and thanked me for my years of service. It felt great to hear his appreciation. …

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Barbara Mock is joining the Rock Your Retirement Show to share her Retirement Journey with us! We’ll be following her on her pre-announcement. We’ll be following when she announces to her superiors. We’ll discuss what happens when she tells her team.

What will happen the next few months after the announcement? What happens on the last day of work?

How will her relationships change with her friends? What about her family? How will her relationship change with her husband?

Will she go through the dreaded stages of retirement?

We’ll all find out together as we embark this journey with Barbara hand in hand! …

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You cannot achieve the concept of retirement in today’s world without having planning and funds in motion well before you reach retirement age. One problem is that we’re stuck in a rut. It works for our parents it worked for our grandparents. But when you look at the whole picture of life, that was only a very short time. Things change but we are reluctant to change. …

A Medicare Insurance Broker, or Medicare Broker, for short, helps people who are turning 65 choose which Medicare Insurance program to enroll in. Your broker can also assist people who are already enrolled make changes to their plan as well. Additionally, the Medicare Broker can assist people who are under 65, but who qualify for Medicare because of a disability.

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What does a Medicare Broker Do?

Unlike an agent, a Medicare Broker has no duty to “sell” one insurance company’s program. …

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The reality nowadays is that Baby Boomers have turned its back on the belief that 65 is the right time to retire. Most of them want to work well into their 70s or their 80s or even yet, they might never retire. Baby boomers are born between 1946 and 1965. So, most of them are now in their 70s and the youngest would be 54. Boomers will definitely hold a lot of the most senior and well-paying jobs in the workplace. …


Kathe Kline

I'm the host of Rock Your Retirement, which discusses Social & Family, Adventure & Travel, Volunteer & Philanthropy, Spirit, Sandwich Generation issues and Sex.

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