by Barbara Mock

One of the many blessings of retirement is the opportunity to help out my son and daughter-in-law. Now that I’m retired, whenever they need a Nana to “stand in the gap” they know they can call. If my schedule is open, I’m there!

As working parents and…

By Barbara Mock

Zion and the Kolob Arch

During our desert southwest road trip, on the day we took a break from golf, my husband decided we should take a 14 mile hike to the Kolob Arch. Yes, you read that right, Fourteen Miles!

Zion National Park is huge and the main event, so to…

by Barbara Mock

A good friend of my husband generously invited us to share his condo in Saint George, Utah for a week in May. Now that I’m retired and not tied to a work or vacation schedule we decided to do something that we haven’t done in years, a…

Kathe Kline

I'm the host of Rock Your Retirement, which discusses Social & Family, Adventure & Travel, Volunteer & Philanthropy, Spirit, Sandwich Generation issues and Sex.

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