Retirement Lifestyle- Endless Summer Vacation

We last spoke with Barbara about a month ago and she is still in the honeymoon stage of retirement. She said it is like she is on an endless summer vacation.

Barbara and her husband were planning a trip to St. George Utah, but they decided since she is retired, and they have more time, and life is more flexible, that they would drive instead of fly.

Her husband planned a wonderful trip to get to their destination. They went from Washington to Oregon and from Oregon to Boise, Idaho, and then to Utah from there.

Letting the planning reigns go for an endless summer vacation

I asked Barbara what…

by Barbara Mock

One of the many blessings of retirement is the opportunity to help out my son and daughter-in-law. Now that I’m retired, whenever they need a Nana to “stand in the gap” they know they can call. If my schedule is open, I’m there!

As working parents and with all of the transitions associated with virtual learning during the pandemic, it has been a challenging year. They are working parents that sometimes need some help driving or picking up kids. …

By Barbara Mock

Zion and the Kolob Arch

During our desert southwest road trip, on the day we took a break from golf, my husband decided we should take a 14 mile hike to the Kolob Arch. Yes, you read that right, Fourteen Miles!

Zion National Park is huge and the main event, so to speak, is the famous part of the park where the Virgin River flows through, it is called the Narrows. There are shuttle services and many hikes to take from Springdale at the entrance to the park. …

by Barbara Mock

Barbara Mock's Retirement Journey to Snow Canyon and Angel Bird

One morning on our road trip we took a break from golf and went to Snow Canyon State Park in Utah. Just about 20 minutes from the town of Saint George, Snow Canyon is an overlooked gem of a park.

They’re many different kinds of trails with funny names. “Red Sand” lived up to its name for sure and so did “Petrified Sand Dunes.” There is one trail called “Pioneer Names.” This short less than half-mile hike takes you to an arch where you can still see where pioneers from the 1850s wrote their names in…

The Honeymoon Stage of retirement

Starting in August of 2020, we started following the life of a pre-retiree. The goal was to follow her from pre-retirement through the retirement process so you and I can live vicariously through her experience. We want to know what’s happening as she goes through the process so we can better prepare ourselves.

As you listen in, think of any questions you might have for our subject, Barbara Mock, who is teaching us what she is learning by doing. You can email those questions to us at [email protected] and we’ll try to answer them in the show.

The Honeymoon Stage of Retirement

Barbara has…

By Barbara Mock

Because Canada was closed last summer (and still is as of April of 2021) due to the pandemic, we weren’t able to use our timeshare week in Whistler, British Columbia for 2020. We were fortunate enough to trade our unused vacation to Orange Tree Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona where my dad lives with a plan to celebrate my milestone.

My husband called this my “graduation trip” to celebrate my retirement after 44 years of public service. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend going somewhere a fews days after your retirement, primarily so that there…

Farewells During a Pandemic

Retirement is a time that marks the passage from a life full of work to a life of leisure, accomplishment, and choice. As most people feel defined by their job, that transition to retirement is not always easy. Like other major life transitions, it can be filled with various emotions and concerns and it has been a crazy two weeks of farewell for Barbara. Not everyone would actually go through what she did, but some people would. And it’s good to be prepared for the emotional roller coaster. …

by Barbara Mock

A good friend of my husband generously invited us to share his condo in Saint George, Utah for a week in May. Now that I’m retired and not tied to a work or vacation schedule we decided to do something that we haven’t done in years, a “Road Trip”. In addition to planning for hiking and golf during our week in the Canyon Lands we decided to take four days to drive down and three to come home.

Barbara Mock's Retirement Journey Road Trip

My husband did an amazing job of finding golf courses and hotels that only required us to drive four…

by Sharon Wagner

Part time work in retirement

Have you considered breaking out of retirement and returning to work? If so, a part-time job can be a great way to boost your income, but there are other reasons seniors should consider a new gig. It’s a chance to stay connected with others, enjoy mental stimulation, and even ward off chronic disease. Rock Your Retirement invites you to read on as we explore terrific opportunities for seniors, and think about the specific roles that could be your fountain of youth.

Easy-Breezy Ideas

Are you nervous about going back to work? You aren’t alone. As explains, many seniors…

By Barbara Mock

I’m finding that one of the challenges of retirement, especially if you are the first of your friend group to retire, is that everyone else is working. At this age, it can be hard to make new friends who share the same interests.

My most pleasant surprise is how much I’ve enjoyed meeting women of all ages in two local golf leagues. I’m learning that if you are willing to take a risk and try something new, you will automatically broaden your circle of friends. If this is you, I encourage you to join a group of…

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